Soft Toys

Apart from being super adorable, all our soft toys have been created with your baby in mind. They are made of the softest excellent quality fabrics, with contrasting textures to keep your little one's tactile interest.

All their features have been meticulously hand finished to ensure their durability, so with normal everyday use and a little care every so often, you can be sure your child will get long-lasting enjoyment out of them.

Buyer's Tip: Although our toys are handcrafted to last, are extremely unlikely to shed, and are cleaned after being made, fluff that comes off velvet can have a tendency to minorly irritate those who are VERY sensitive to allergens (though less than dust or pollen would). If your child is particularly sensitive, please make sure that you have checked how they react to velvets first, or wash the toys again as guided once you receive them.